I did not believe that one chiropractic session could ease the pain or address the underlying cause, but I WAS WRONG. While my back was a bit sore for a few hours, for the most part, it was gone. I was back on the spin bike the next day, and swimming laps the day after. Yay!! It works, and both Dr. Nick and Joe are awesome.

Nancy F., Vero Beach, FL 

I had problems with my spine and back all my life. I first found a deal on groupon and I no longer feel pain anymore. Before I couldn't sleep well or stand for a long period of time. Now I'm more active and I don't feel numbness in my arms anymore and my neck isn't stiff anymore. Dr. Nick and Joe showed me how to stretch everyday, so now it's the first thing I do after I wake up! I have been to many chiropractic places, but Vero Spine & Sport Rehab is a group of professionals that I can recommend to everybody!

Dorota L., Warsaw, Poland

I want to highly recommend Vero Spine & Sport. This year, I had a very frozen left shoulder. Ten years ago I had a very frozen right shoulder that I got better in a year's time with physical therapy and at home exercising and a lot of pain. This time, I chose Dr. Nick and Joe at Vero Spine & Sport. With the combination of chiropractic, Active Release Technique (ART), at home stretching, ultrasound, and massage, my left shoulder has more range of motion than my right and I was better in half the time! The treatment was easier and more beneficial than when my other shoulder was treated with physical therapy. The office is friendly, caring, and clean! I appreciated the customized care. I love ART! It makes so much sense for the patient and doctor to work together to manipulate sof tissue, muscle and joint movement while breaking adhesions. Thanks Dr. Nick and Joe! You made unfreezing my left sholder bearable and even enjoyable because of the respect and trust built through 6 months of treatment.

Vicki I., Vero Beach, FL

Before visiting Dr. Muthart, I was a bit skeptical, but after my first visit, I was able to sleep with minimal pain. I was convinced. Through continuous treatment, my pain has subsided and I am sleeping again. No need for pain medications. Thanks Dr. Muthart! Did I mention that everyone at the office is professional, and Joe was great also.

Suzanne S., Port St. Lucie, FL

Dr Nick is very good at adjustments.  He worked on my neck and back and I immediately felt relief.  I have been looking for a great chiropractor and feel that I have found that.  I would recommend his office of Vero Spine and Sport Rehab.  He also has a massage therapist that is very good.

Eileen H., Vero Beach, FL

Dr. Nick is an ART or Active Release Technique trained chiropractor. This is a specialty that makes his training head and shoulders above ordinary chiropractic care. ART often can relive soft tissue pains, aches, or injuries in short order. I credit ART with keeping me functional despite chronic medical and back issues. My appointment was easily scheduled. My insurance was easily accepted. I walked out of the office in great shape and look forward to my next visit.  Anyone with chronic spinal issues should consider an ART chiropractor as part of their regular care team. I was very happy with the care I received at Vero Spine & Sport Rehab.

Melissa M., Arlington, VA

Dr Nick and Joe truly care. They listen to you and are more than willing to help. Their approach to treatment is great. I recommend them for everyone!

William M., Port St. Lucie, FL

I always look forward to my weekly visit here. The staff are personable, professional, and truly take care of you. I have been with Dr. Nick and the staff for a year and plan on staying. I recommend this place to everyone I know. Best massage therapist and chiropractor out there!

Celeste B., Vero Beach, FL

You will be in excellent hands here.  The Active Release Technique is more than an advertisement, it really works.  My range of motion and flexibility improved in just one visit.  Both Dr. Nicholas Muthart and his associate, Joe Clark, took a great deal of time talking to me before beginning treatment.  I was very impressed with their professional and thoughtful care.

Katherine D., Vero Beach, FL

Both Dr. Nick and Joe (the massage therapist) are excellent.  I've had significant improvement to both neck and lower back stiffness/pain, thanks to them.  I also recommend a massage from Joe for anybody interested in giving a treat to themselves or a loved one.

Moe F., Tallahassee, FL

Excellent physician! And excellent medical massage therapist! Dr. Nick is great. I've been to several chiropractors and really feel Dr. Nick is one of the best. I went to him because I have chronic migraines. I had a car accident in l992 and fractured my neck and other vertebrae in the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine and have disc herniations, nerve impingements and bulging disc problems. Dr. Nick thought my migraines could be coming from the old injuries. On the first visit he opened something in my spine, through his adjustments, that felt like it had not been opened in 30 years, since that accident. I could move my neck better and the migraines have been getting better - a little less often and not as severe. I am so grateful to Dr. Nick. 

Susan R., Vero Beach, FL

Dr. Nick pays attention, listens and reviews better than anyone else in the area. He is looking to solve an issue instead of the "crack and come back" mentality. He explained and walked through everything he did and relieved a great deal of tightness in the first visit alone. Dr. Nick gave me stretches and watched me perform them to make sure I was doing them right. The massage therapist took a healing and recovery approach over just rubbing the sore spots. Working to repair for the long term instead of only relieve in the short term. I look forward to my next visit and am more impressed with the professionalism, attention to detail and care than any other chiropractor in the area.

Loren W., Vero Beach, FL

Very nice and comfortable office. Nick takes great care of me and spends time getting to know where I am hurting on that specific day before beginning treatment. Nick is very thorough, smart and does not let me leave until I am feeling better. He uses all manual techniques which I love and focuses on surrounding soft tissue. My range of motion and overall comfort improves after seeing him. Joe is the massage therapist at Vero Spine and he is the best specific deep tissue therapist around town! Joe is very knowledgeable.

Stacy L., Vero Beach, FL

Kind doctor. Laid back office and Dr. Muthart is a considerate man. He listens and is very prompt! Have recommended him to others! His assistant Joe is the sore muscle whisperer! Just wonderful!!!!

Patty C., Vero Beach, FL